Roses on the Dashboard

Finalist in the Great American Songwriting Contest.


Dropped my wife off at the airport and poof, time to write a song.

Rocket Power

The ultimate lovers' revenge tune.


The first song that got me back into to writing lyrics.   A strange scene of lovers, drugs and, inevitable venereal infection.    

Slit my Throat

Kind of creepy, but I really like this idea of falling for a sure-fire disaster.  

Tame Your Tiger

Uptown dominatrix?  Don't ask.  Just enjoy.


Sexy, sultry, sad.

I guess I failed to mention the Blues

Written for a children's musical, but a cool, standard blues tune nonetheless.  

Wrong Song

Written with my friend Dan Rielly. Don't ask.  It just happened.

Sweet Shop

As a writing teacher I am often explaining the power of imagery and  double entendres.  Only appropriate that I give it a shot myself, right?