Code of the Candy Cane

 When two of Santa’s top toy making elves go head-to-head over homemade  vs. high-tech toys, there is a mutiny at the North Pole and the future  of Christmas is threatened. 

Finalist International Family Film Festival. 

Official Selection Kids First Film and Video Festival. 

Finalist Charleston Film Festival. 

Catch That Brat

 When the world's most inept criminals kidnap the world's brattiest kid,  they discover that giving the kid back is a lot tougher than they ever  imagined. "Home Alone" with "Dennis the Menace". 

TOP 15% of the Oscar's Nicholl Academy! Finalist International Family Film Festival.  

Semi-Finalist 15th Annual Fade In Awards. 

Semi-Finalist 2011 PAGE  International Screenwriting Awards

 Moondance Film Festival. 

Official  Selection Charleston Film Festival. 


 When three bumbling single dads try to connect to their kids by becoming  real life superheroes, real life criminals decide to get in the way. 

Winner International Family Film Festival. 

Winner of the Moondance Film Festival Screenplay Contest,

 100% rating from Kids First. 

Dad-Tastic (pdf)


Payback Inc.

 Sam Patterson is the world’s most expensive heart-breaker. For a price,  vindictive men can hire Sam to wine ‘em, dine ‘em and dump ‘em. He only  has one rule for his business: don’t fall in love. 

Finalist Omaha Film  Festival. 

Finalist Beverly Hills Film Festival,

 Finalist Charleston Film Festival,

Fourth Place in the Twin Rivers Film Festival. 

Payback Inc (pdf)


The Parts In-between

 When Christina attempts to reconnect with her stern military father as  he moves into a retirement home, she is upstaged by a wacky new woman  who wins his heart in outlandish ways.

Finalist Beverly Hills Film Festival,

 Third Place Larry Neal Writing Contest 

Parts In-between (pdf)


The Money Shot

 Maria, the small-town queen bee and prima ballerina, has her prefect  world turned upside down when the city’s newest resident, Judy, turns  out to be a former porn star… and New Harmony, Massachusetts will never  be the same again. 

SECOND ROUNDER at the Austin Film Festival. 

Finalist Charleston Film Festival.  

The Money Shot (pdf)